About Us
About us
One Commodities is a privately held trading company dealing in primarily raw cotton and other agri commodities like pulses, sugar etc with a strong presence in Asia. The founder, Mr Alok Sekhsaria, a Memphis cotton school graduate has more than 2 decades of international trading experience and is the fourth generation in the cotton business in India where the family has been in this business for over six decades. The vision to leverage our heritage in cotton and the intention to provide cotton solutions to our existing buyers lead to the formation of One Commodities.

What started as a business majorly focused on Indian cotton is now a multinational trading operation with strong presence in several countries in West Africa and East Africa apart from India. One Commodities has over the years developed long term partnerships with the best suppliers including producers, ginners and merchants to ensure dependable and high quality procurement. A dedicated staff of graders and logisticians ensure that our customers always get the best quality product timely and competitively creating a winning solution for its strong network of buyers across Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bahrain, Mauritius, UAE and India.

We position ourselves as a committed quality supplier providing good service connecting producers and users of cotton. Today we are a name synonymous with professionalism, trust and quality.